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The Fausti Wingshooting School @ Hollywood Farms

Over 70 years ago, Stefano Fausti created the first Fausti shotgun. Today, his three daughters exemplify the same enthusiasm he showed and are continuously ensuring Fausti shotguns lead the world.


Relish in a 2-night, 3-day unrivaled wing shooting school where you will learn the fundamentals of the instinctive wing shooting method; all while learning of the varied sustainable initiatives benefiting the land, its neighbors, and its invaluable wildlife. Whether a beginner or an advanced shooting enthusiast, be prepared to shoot over 200 clay targets a day as expert Fausti wing-shooting instructors teach you ways to improve your shooting ability.

  • An All Inclusive, 3-Day 2-Night, experience:

  • Overnight stay in historic 1850 Antebellum home.

  • Only 5 bedrooms welcoming single or double occupancy

  • Fine, table-served meals.

  • All libations, wine, & spirits

  • One-on-one instruction with Fausti shooting instructor.


Beginner/ Introduction School

No knowledge of shotgun handling or shooting required.

Learn how to handle, shoot, and manage a shotgun. Understand the proper shooting thought process amongst the natural surroundings of a place entirely dedicated to bettering tomorrow.

2023 Dates

Oct 26-28

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Improve Your Shooting Skills


Sound shotgun knowledge & foundational shooting ability recommended.

Learn the path of taking your existing shooting skills to the next level. Know how breaking more targets and missing less game birds afield will be deeply rooted in how you approach every target, whether shown at longer or shorter distances.

2024 Dates

Jan 25-27

Mar 14-16

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The Wildrose Way @ Hollywood Farms


Wildrose is the oldest, largest, and most diversified producer and trainer of British Labradors in North America. Their dogs are regarded among wingshooters and adventurers as the finest, most versatile sporting dogs in the world.


We welcome you to spend an extraordinary & personalized 3-day, 2-night, one-on-one event with Mike Stewart, founder of Wildrose International as he teaches you and your best friend “The Wildrose Way;” starter through basic waterfowling & upland proficiencies ranging from fundamental commands and behaviors to advanced field practices to include working with pointers, steady to wing and shot, and more.

An All Inclusive, 3-Day 2-Night, experience:

  • Overnight stay in historic 1850 Antebellum home.

  • Only 5 bedrooms welcoming single or double occupancy

  • Fine, table-served meals.

  • All libations, wine, & spirits

  • One-on-one Wildrose instruction with Mike Stewart

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the Upland Gun Dog


  • Retrievers & Dual-Purpose dogs

  • Started on basic obedience: (heel, sit, steadiness)

  • Socialized & friendly dogs

  • All gundog breeds welcome;

  • What is offered:

    • This Wildrose Training event is a TSR:  Train, Shoot Retrieve.  The experience is designed to share the principles of developing an upland gundog to become a classic hunting companion:  quail, dove, partridge, pheasant and picking up on continental shooting events.  The course will emphasize delivery, steadiness, game recovery, handling, steady to the point/backing and quartering/flushing.  Exercises will also include participants shooting in simulated hunting situations while working their gundogs (Transitional Training – “practice as we will play.”) 

    • The weekend event concludes with actual quail hunts with handlers working their own dogs in the pursuit of the “king bird.”


Dec 8-10

Registration Closed

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Basic Gundog Training

and Wine Experience 


  • Dogs 7 months of age and older who are steady to heel, sit, hold-to-hand

  • All gundog breeds

  • Use balanced low-force methodology to develop your abilities to train a superb wing-shooting companion.

  • ​Focus topics: 

    • canine behaviors,

    • communication,

    • delivery,

    • whistle commands,

    • steadiness,

    • handling,

    • Field obedience to hand signals

    • hunting cover and lining,

    • all based on Wildrose Way training principles.



Feb 8-10

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All dogs may stay the night in the house if they are in their kennels. During the day, they are welcomed in the house under supervision, leash or on the Wildrose mat. Dogs are NOT allowed on the furniture..  Hollywood Farms’ outdoor kennels would be available as well.

*Option for guests to stay for an additional evening may be available with prior notice.

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Give instruction to a wise man and he will be still wiser, Teach a righteous man and he will increase his learning.

Matthew 22:41

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